All for You

This post is inspired by Dancing on the Waves by Bethel. If you haven’t heard this song, I strongly encourage you to. It’s a great reminder of the Father’s Heart for us. It’s easy for us to forget how much God truly loves us. Everything we see today, he made for us. He made it ALL for YOU! Out of all his creation he deems us as his “masterpiece” in Ephesians 2:10 NLT. He plainly states that everything else he created cannot even compare to us. We’re his prized possession. He sent his son Jesus to die for one thing and that was humankind. We’re the Only thing he created in his Own Image (Genesis 1:27). I don’t know about you but that makes me feel pretty special considering how marvelously breathtaking his other creations are. He put the stars in place for US. All of his creation is a reminder of his power and goodness. His love for us is unending.

The Word says in Psalm 139: 17-18 TPT that “Every single moment you are thinking of me! How precious and wonderful to consider that you cherish me constantly in your every thought! O God, your desires toward me are more than the grains of sand on every shore! When I awake each morning, you’re still with me.” Now lets take a moment to break down this verse. It says that God’s desires toward you are More than the grains of sand on every shore. You know how many grains of sand are on the earth? An immense amount, there are so many to the point its not even able to be calculated and that right there is how much his love is for you. It just keeps going and going and going. There is NO end to his Love for you or his Cherished thoughts of you. When he see’s you, he is in awe. Just as a parent loves their own, Jesus loves you in that same way except with a far greater love–one that is incomprehensible. We don’t even deserve the love he gives out to us yet he freely gives it. If you ever get to a point where you’re questioning how God views you, read Psalm 139 and that will tell you exactly how he feels about you. I hope this message impacts you as much as it has impacted me. My prayer is that you will feel his presence as heavily as I have been while writing and listening to this song. God is intimate and involved and he’s never going to leave. Say yes to him today and receive his love, he cannot wait to lavish it upon you. You are his prized possession, his precious gem from Heaven above. No one will ever care for you the way Jesus does!❤

God Bless!

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