The Character of God

The Word says in Matthew 5:48 and 1 Corinthians 11:1 that we are to become perfect like God and be like him in character. As Christians, having the same characteristics as Jesus is what sets us apart from the world. We can evaluate our character when we’re completely alone; character is who we are when no one sees us (only God).

Throughout the Bible there are nine characteristics revealed: holy, wise, faithful, just, merciful, gracious, good and kind, and forgiving. Today, I am going to highlight three in particular that the Lord has imparted to me in this season of my life.

  1. God is Faithful.

The Lord has always been faithful. If you trace back to the Old Testament some common examples of this are with Abraham and Isaac, Daniel and the lions den, and Moses and the red sea; you’ll see throughout these stories as well as many more that he has always provided for his people and kept his promises. Even in the New Testament, Jesus thanked God for providing bread and fish for the massive crowd and in faith they started distributing food. While they were distributing, the food multiplied;so much to the point that the disciples each had a basket of leftovers for themselves (John 6:1-14). They fed 5,000 men, and that is just men alone. That number doesn’t even include the women and children they also fed! He has proved to us time and time again of his faithfulness, we have no reason to not believe in him and have faith. The more we get to know God, the more we’ll trust him. And the way to get to know God is by reading his Word. If we don’t get into our Word, how will we even know what kind of God we serve or what pleases him or upsets him? Its like going on a date with someone and just looking at them while they are wondering if you’re ever going to try and get to know them or ask questions about their life. In order to get to know someone, you have to inquire what their interests and dislikes are. To get to know that person on a deeper level you have to spend quality time with them. Spending quality time with someone is key to identifying one’s character or characteristics. It’s the same concept with God, we have to spend quality time in his Word to know what his character is like. Knowing his character increases your confidence in him. With all that being said, are you judging God based on theology or are you using your knowledge of God to judge theology?

2. God is Just.

Psalms 111:7 TPT states “All God accomplishes is flawless, faithful, and fair, and his every word proves trustworthy and true.” God is perfect, there is no blemish in him therefore we can trust him. God never changes so his law never changes. Everyone is held accountable for the sin they commit and will all be judged before God on the day of judgement. Nothing goes unnoticed by him, he is all knowing. Often times as Christians we mistake God for someone who wants to punish us right when we mess up but in reality God is best known for the one thing he least likely wants to do: judging. He loves you and wants whats best for you, that’s why he puts laws into place–to protect you. He knows the consequences and brokenness that comes from sinning and that is one of his main reasons behind hating sin, it’s meant to destroy us. God is for justice and because of this we should be too, even if our own government tells us something contradictory to God’s Word. As a fellow sister in Christ, I wanted to tell you all that the government is NOT God. We need to stop going along with what their laws say are okay and stand firm on God’s law. We need to start fearing the Lord. The fear of the Lord referenced throughout scripture means reverence, respect or due regard. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. John Bevere once stated “We cannot truly love God until we fear Him: nor can we properly fear Him until we love Him. If we do not fear god, we will be afraid of Him.” Another way to look at it is this: When you love someone you’ll respect them and want to please them in not only your words but your actions also. Is that how it is with your relationship with God? Do you strive to honor him with your life or just with what you say? What we believe about God affects everything. Do we view his significance as little or big in our lives? Are we willing to compromise or take a stand on God’s Word regardless of what the government deems as just?

3. God is Merciful.

God not only is just but he is merciful as well. God is so quick to extend mercy. Hebrews 8:12 AMPC says “For I will be merciful and gracious towards their sins and I will remember their deeds of unrighteousness no more.” God is so merciful that he actually forgets our sin when we repent. That is the only thing he cannot recall. The Word also says that he wipes our slates clean and sends them as far as the east is from the west (Psalms 103:12). Now that is a God of mercy! Romans 3:25-26 even tells us that before Jesus paid the price for our sins, God had expressed patience and tolerance for us by covering the sins of those who lived prior to Jesus. He covered them. What kind of God would ever love his people that much? To not only send his own son to die on the cross but cover the sins of those before him too? Our God! No one compares to him, his mercy endures forever (Psalms 136 NKJV). I tell you all of this to show that we serve a good good father. We don’t deserve him yet he freely gives himself to us.

These three characteristics of God have challenged me to keep in check what my faith is founded in and to recognize any false characteristics I have placed on my own view of God.

Who is God to you?

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