Countless Reasons


Paul Washer

I’m not qualified to create this blog however by God’s grace he makes me qualified. I chose this to be the title of my domain out of inspiration of this quote. This quote really hits home with me because I am a sinner. I am no better than anyone else but I am comforted by the scripture verse “For many are called, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14 NLT

Nothing that we do will ever take away God’s Love. He already knew all the mistakes you’d make before you were even created. He willingly gave up his Son for us. He saw it all and still thought your existence was worth the sacrifice of Jesus. He knew the risk: hurt, rejection, disrespect, slander and yet Jesus was crucified on the cross so that you could have the opportunity to encounter God. Even if you were the only person on the earth, Jesus wouldn’t of taken back everything that he did. Luke 15:1-7 is an exact representation of this. God celebrates every time someone enters into a personal relationship with him. There is absolutely Nothing that could separate you from God’s Love (Romans 8:31-39). You’re priceless to God. In fact, YOUR very existence delights God (Psalm 18:19). So no matter what happens in this life, always remember that your Heavenly Father’s love never stops pursuing you and he desires to have a relationship with you no matter how much you think you’ve screwed up.

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