• The Light Within

    July 20, 2019 by

    Have you ever noticed that whenever the power goes out or you are trying to relax with a little amount of light you use an alternative source to see–such as a candle, flashlight or even a match? And everywhere you go with those sources of light, the shadows and darkness disappear?The image above is an… Read more

  • Deliver Us

    December 8, 2020 by

    The message today will be based from Exodus 2. I’d recommend reading the whole story of Moses prior to reading this post for extra background information. 🙂 To begin, I’d like to pose a question. Can you imagine a day and age where you’d have to hide your child for three months and then place… Read more

  • All for You

    July 8, 2020 by

    This post is inspired by Dancing on the Waves by Bethel. If you haven’t heard this song, I strongly encourage you to. It’s a great reminder of the Father’s Heart for us. It’s easy for us to forget how much God truly loves us. Everything we see today, he made for us. He made it… Read more

  • Nail-Pierced Hands

    March 29, 2020 by

    Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted anything so I wanted to give you all an update of what has been going on. 🙂 I graduated from Youth With A Mission’s (YWAM) Discipleship Training School (DTS) a month ago. In January and February I was on my outreach in South Asia. This outreach… Read more

  • Kingdom Worldview

    December 12, 2019 by

    Worldview- the collection of beliefs we hold about the world, the big picture that influences our daily activities and choices. Every person has a worldview whether they realize it or not. Our worldview is formed by the ideas and practices we collect from our family, culture, education, religion, and friends. The roots of our worldview… Read more

  • Evangelism

    December 1, 2019 by

    Evangelism is “…why we believe what we believe…” -Darlene Cunningham Our aim as Christians, as stated from the Bible is to preach the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15), disciple all nations (Matthew 28:19-20), and produce fruit that will remain (John 15:4-5, 16; Matthew 7:20). Evangelism is the announcement, proclamation and/or preaching of the gospel,… Read more

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